About Us


LavieFlo specialises in Preserved Flora Artistry.

All our arrangements are made from 100% natural flowers—preserved at its finest where each stalk is grown with meticulous care from seed to plant.

We specialise in : 
*Wedding bouquets
*Corporate / Retail Decor Customization
*Home & Office Decor
*Floral Gifts, Corporate Gifts and Hand Bouquets
*Arrangement in bell jars & terrariums …

Founded in 2012, LavieFlo is the combination of the words “life” and “flower” in French. 



An innovative preservation technique was developed by a French company in the late 1980s. Over the years, this revolutionary technology has been perfected by horticultural experts in Japan and China.

The Technique

  • Preservation of the flowers and foliage involves careful selection of desired varieties which are grown and hand-picked.
  • Greenhouses are specially contracted for their produce which is then delivered to the factory for further sorting, grading and processing.
  • The natural flora are selected and cut at the peak.
  • The natural plant’s sap is then gradually eternised by safe ingredients, enabling the flora to look natural by maintaining their original shape, and also suppleness.
  • The flora are then eternised with desired colourants and cosmetic-grade substances.
  • The substances used in the preservation process are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and non-chemical reactive. The solutions and colourants are food-grade and are also used in medical and textile manufacturing; therefore, there is no health or environmental risk.
  • Preserved flowers maintain every characteristics of real flowers apart from their scent.