Our Brand Essence

Brand Essence


Our preserved flowers originate from 100% natural blossoms. Picked at its full potential, each stalk is grown with meticulous care and nature’s purest ingredients (soil, water and sunlight), from seed to plant, offering you organic beauty at its finest.


Our science of flower preservation is coupled with the art of handmade floristry. Based on five colour therapies, each arrangement is a product of personal touches, raw creativity, and high attention to detail. With the 100% hand-craftsmanship, each composition is unique and irreplaceable.


As cliché as it sounds, our flowers are picked, processed, handled and put together with extreme care and love. Each flower arrangement symbolises the numerous facets of love, be it our love for a family member, a friend, a colleague, a teacher or a romantic partner. From the “give and take” ritual, we learn more about connection, harmony and the simple art of expressing one’s affection.


The sheer presence of flowers immediately fills the soul with a sense of happiness. Because of the everlasting state of our bouquets and arrangements, the environment in which they decorate, whether at work or at home, is naturally permeated with a prolonged, positive energy that elevates the spirit and mood.