Vanilla Citrus


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Music expresses that which cannot be said, and so do flowers. Combine them and you have the best of both worlds to convey your love. This preserved floral arrangement will speak your hearts words.

Item Description : 

Preserved Roses
Preserved Hydrangeas
Preserved Foliage

Bluetooth Speaker with Fairy Lights

Dimensions :

12.5(D) * 18.5(H)cm
Bluetooth Speaker Base Colour: White

Comes with a LavieFlo gift box & message card

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Care Instructions

Bluetooth Pairing

• Turn on speaker, and switch on Bluetooth on your device
• Select BS-01 speaker
• Place flowers in a cool and dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight and water
• When dusty, blow with a hairdryer from a moderate distance

Alternative materials may be used to ensure timely delivery. If so required, LavieFlo will substitute materials with equal or higher value while maintaining the quality and aesthetic of the final product.